Tips, Ebooks and Lollinars

If you like to know

  • how the healing powers of the forests and trees will help you stay healthy in the natural way or
  • how forestlolling and treebreathing will give you powers to feel refreshed and get rid of limiting feelings or
  • what is the 13 chakra system we use in forestlolling to empower our life-force or
  • how to do colourbreathing for cleaning our chakras and energy body.

Read my tips for free or read my ebooks. I have written two books of the healing powers of forests (in finnish): forestlolling- health from the nature and forestlolling for your soul.

I am planning refreshing Lollinars you can join from your laptop or mobile phone – stay tuned for them.

Book me for your seminar or let´s design together a joyful ForestLolling day

You can also book me for your event, seminar or webbinar to learn of the Art of Forestwisdom.

Would you like to become a Treebreathing or Forestlolling mentor?

I am teaching Treebreathing and Forestlolling mentors. Next course will be held in Spring 2021.

ForestLolling Retreats in the finnish taiga forests and personal mentoring

Special guests are every now and then wellcomed to spend a treemeditation, forestlolling and treebreathing weekend or week with me and my very best partners. We will take into account the traditional Finnish Moon Calendar and eight seasons of the nordic forest year to get the best results.

You can also book a personal one-on-one forest health zoom or skype meeting with me. In these meetings we will find the right colourbreathing and most efective forests and trees for your well-being. I am also using traditional finnish folk healing methods during our sessions.