Forestlolling Tips no1 Treebreathing® – instructions

’When I finished the tree breathing exercise and opened my eyes, it felt like waking up for the first time  that day. The sensation of waking up was quite palpable and strong, like a plant in the spring pushing its green leaves through rock and asphalt with force. My senses were sharper; I could see and hear clearly. Joy and strength flowed through me and my entire body felt alive and strong. A child of trees, tiny and swift.’

Heart full of gratitude and appreciation

Walk into any forest you like, with your heart full of gratitude and appreciation.

Take your intention energy

Rub your hands together to activate your intention energy. While rubbing your hands, say out loud how you are going to treebreathe this time. For example, ’I’m going to become revived’, ‘I’m going to become relaxed’ or ‘I’m going to release my creativity’.

After completing the activation of your intention energy, listen to yourself and wait for your intuition to tell you which tree would be ideal for you to breathe with. Perhaps a pine today, tomorrow maybe a spruce or a birch, some other time an oak or a common alder.

With respect, turn your back to the tree

Approach your tree with respect and be assured that what is best for you will happen. Turn your back to the tree and place the area between your shoulders and the back of your head gently against the trunk. Project your pelvis forward, allow your arms to relax by your sides and lean back on the tree with your full weight. Remember that only your head and the area between your shoulders should be in contact with the tree!

Begin treebreathing

Inhale deeply and then expel the air from your lungs with a vigorous exhale through your nose. Remember to breathe only through your nose and let your belly rise and fall with the rhythm of your breathing. Repeat a couple of times, then close your eyes and start conscious treebreathing.

With your first inhale, imagine that air flows from the centre of the Earth into the roots of the tree, then into your feet, continuing into your legs and chest. When the flow of air reaches your heart, stop inhaling and allow your state of being to expand.

Start your exhale: imagine that you are exhaling from your heart towards the top of your head, then out of your head into the tree, continuing along the tree trunk towards the treetop and out into the sky.

Hold your breath briefly before starting to inhale.

Inhale air from high in the sky into the treetop, then down the trunk into the top of your head and your chest. When the flow of air reaches your heart, retain your breath and, once again, allow your state of being to expand. Now start to exhale.

Breathe down from your heart towards your legs and feet, into the base and roots of the tree and, finally, into the ground. Briefly hold your breath before starting a new cycle with an inhale.

How long and how often?

On your first treebreathing session, continue repeating the cycle for five minutes or a little more. When you leave the tree, say ‘Thank you, thank you, thank you’, with gratitude in your heart. If you like, you may walk around for a while and then repeat the exercise. Gradually, you can increase the time up to 15 – 20 minutes, but already five to ten minutes per day will do wonders. Practise treebreathing every day.

Why treebreathing?

Whenever you want to quickly relax, recharge your batteries or revive your creativity, do a ten-minute tree breathing exercise. Oh, and remember: if you carry your mobile phone with you, switch it off or use the flight mode during treebreathing.

Like to know more of treebreathing or other forestlolling tips?

More detailed instructions in my eBook “A Beginners Guide to Treebreathing”