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If you are interested in what kind of healing powers forest and trees have for your body, mind and spirit – then I am sure, you will find my knowledge and expertise very useful to you.

I have used already over a decade my TreeBreathing & ForestLolling methods and ”better to say a responsible yes, better to depend on joy and better to bless and show grattitude” approach to help thousands of people deep relax and find their natural well-being with forests.

In have an everlasting desire to understand more and more of the powers of forests and trees. Therefore I keep developing TreeBreathing and ForestLolling into new levels with the help of magnificent trees, of course. I have also found that the TreeMeditation and using the 13 chakras system is helping us to feel renewed and energised very quickly. Oh, and colour breathing in the forest, that is something!

So, if you like to know of the healing powers of the forests and trees, you can read my tips for free and when you would like to know more, I have Lollinars you can join from your laptop or mobile phone. Oh, the word ”lollinar” is coming from ”webbinar”. But because we are ForestLollers we are having lollinars!

And of course there are my little ebooks in my shop ForestLollers Heaven for you to read. You can start with my free tips.

And because the finnish taiga forests are so amazing, I am also wellcoming special guests every now and then to spend a treemeditation, forestlolling and treebreathing weekend or week with me and my very best partners. The art of timing is in a very important role in my life and I live according to traditional Finnish Moon Calendar.  Therefore Finnish Moon Calendar and eight seasons of the nordic year are telling me when is the best time to spend time together and go out to listen the sounds of clear waters in Oulanka national park or feel the the sacred touch of wind blowing on the top of Riisitunturi national park or when to spend a day at our reideerfarm and make a reindeer safari and feed the reindeer with reindeermen Or what kind of local wild food to make by the campfire or what kind of forest herbs we are taking to our sauna and footbath, or are we drinking bilberry juice spiced up with spruce syrup or some other wild forest herbs! And of course during the time we are together you will get my very best healing and empowering tips. A more detailed program coming to shop.