I am ForestLoller Mirja Nylander, Finnish Forest Wisdom Ambassador. A TreeBreathing® & ForestLolling™ developer & mentor. I write and teach of forest healing, forest well-being, treemeditation & nature based traditional healing.

Lifelong learner and developer

For over 40 years I have studied how to use forests to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy and well-being. Actually forests and trees have been my passion all my life. My father put me – when I was coming home from the maternity hospital with my mother – under the Christmas tree! Christmas tree in Finland is traditionally spruce and the smell of the terpines from that special tree is my first powerfull memory.

The TreeBreathing method, and soon after that ForestLolling, were born in 2006. One very unique pinetree in Pakasaivo, Lapland was teaching me how to get back my strenght (after years of depression and post traumatic depression). That Meeting changed my personal and scientific worldview.

I have studied forestry in the University of Helsinki and have the Master of Science Degree in Forestry. I made my thesis from ”marketing wild berries and mushrooms” already in the 1990´. I have also studied nature tourism and have developed Forest Tourism in Finland since 1994.

Forests and trees – my passion

My passion is the science of well-being and healing powers of the trees. I have run my own company Metsämatkat Oy (ForestJorneys Ldt) now for over 23 years and guided thousands of people how to find natural well-being with the help of forests and trees.

I love slow forest walking, slow wild food and wild forest drinks and to study my over 700 years old forest roots from my fathers side. Every day, all year round, I do #treebreathing and #treemeditation and I just like to chill out in Finnish Taiga Forests and in my Forest Garden. And whenever it is possible I go and pick up wild herbs, berries and mushrooms for food and sauna evenings.


Thank you, Linda Sainio, for the photo